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I Have Valentines on the Daily

When I wake up in the morning, with open eyes, you’re the first thing that I see
A follow-up with a kiss, and your feet hit the floor as we start the day
A kind greeting escapes your lips as you say good morning to me
Anyway that you can be of help to me, your willing to make the way
Coffee is on the menu for me, maybe even breakfast if there is time
So grateful that you care for me, I try hard not to take you for granted
Carrying my bags, open the doors, warming the car, I’m so thankful that your mine.
I am mindful that I must water every seed of love that you have planted.
Warm wishes of god’s blessing as we part our separate way
Wishing to hear your voice, is my cell ringing , are you on the line?
Waiting to see you after eight hours too long of the working day
I know that you see me everyday, but can I see you lunchtime?
You’re an official gentleman, I made the right turn, I didn’t miss the sign.
Cupid had good aim, he didn’t miss because everyday with you is Valentines.

Copyright by Maya Angelou Drew – March 2012
Published in I-Female Magazine – March 2012 Issue
Winner of Valentine Poetry Contest


Hello World-Welcome to Maya’s Poetry on Purpose

 Poetry on Purpose

Life is filled with a vast spectrum of color
Finding yourself is a treasure to discover
Repositioning yourself in the phases of life,  striving to survive
Discovering your true identify to just  live or BE ALIVE.        
Struggles and heart ache are indeed a necessary part of the plan
To mold you and shape you to the beauty to  fully understand

The Real You……

Come share your journey, to learn,  inspire and grow
Uncovering in-depth places within that you didn’t know
Fueling energy to the glow of life that lays dormant on the    surface.
Come join me on this adventure of Maya’s Poetry on Purpose.

Written & Copyrighted by Maya Angelou Drew-March 2012