public festival "Unterländer Volksfest&qu...

public festival "Unterländer Volksfest" with many Amusement rides for example Bumper cars (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

He loves me……. he love me not
Wondering if these twists and turns will ever stop
He words kiss my heart when he says that he cares
But I second guess his sincerity when he gives me blank stares
Flowers one day, harsh words full of anger the next
Starting to rethink that this ride  is way too complex
I brought the ticket because I chose to get on
I waited patiently even though the line was long
Started off slowly until were reached the top of the peak
And then my stomach drops as I hear his screech
Fast paced love that started off with a bang
Turned upside down with headaches and pain
Free falling on your cotton candy kisses keeping you close 
The simple carousel of affection is what I love  most
But I bite my tongue, hold my feelings inside
To protect you on your rollercoaster of pride
In this carnival of emotion, I tried another game
Only to realize these bumper cars would be the same
Your soft nudges are positively influential to my decision
The paramedics have to resuscitate me because of our collision
Your change of emotions keep hitting me with a jolt
Dizzy from the back and forth, I have to bring the car to a holt
I thought it’d be tranquil to ride the ferris wheel
Strapping on my seat belt,  thinking it wouldn’t be a big deal
Round and round we go when our love is in  luck 
With your emotional malfunctions, we always manage to get stuck
It’s like I’m in this maze trying to find a path more clearer
You distort  my vision  as I try to solve the puzzle in your house of mirrors
Tilt of whirl of problems like when the elephant sees a mouse
I am growing tired of playing around in Your Fun House.
Disturbia settled in with startled gestures in a haunted house roaming in the dark
I want to go home because I don’t  find any amusement in your  park.


Written By: Maya Angelou Drew
Date: April 6, 2012