You knew me, you knew me a long time ago, before I even departed my mother’s womb,
All along you planted your seed that if given some water, it would be destined to bloom,
You created me divine and awesome in your image and have undoubtedly protected me.
So many things I allowed to block my vision towards your light, and let misguide me
Thanks to your mercies,  ever so kind,  made new every morning for me,
Through new eyes granted by you, I now have the 20/20 vision to see.
I have been jumped on, talked about, pushed around, lied on and abused.
I’ve been vandalized and trampled over, misguided, and used.
I have been left out in the cold, discounted, and made to feel less.
And when I came back to my father and realized that  I don’t have to stress.
My heart has been a victim of a crime scene, stabbed, punched and even shot.
With puncture wounds, dents and bruises, my enemies had high hopes that I would rot.
When I look at myself today,I could be frigid and cold as the glaciered ice that lies within Alaskan seas
 Stagnate in the water, breaking off piece by piece melting away until there are no remnants left of me.
I was bombarded with sorrow and depression and the satan had robbed me of all my joy,
Drowning in my self created misery, he came to conquer and to destroy.
Luckily, I am your child whom you’ve created, whom no doubt you do adore,
You didn’t think twice about all the times your phone calls that I ignored.
You never stopped, you didn’t let up and I seen your number on the caller id,
You left messages, you sent others to deliver your word, but I just wasn’t ready.
All the things that I have done that you disapproved of, you don’t care to mention
You have excused my every time, even though I wasn’t paying you any attention.
There is no one like you, your are the Living God, how can I love you more?
Only my father who is in heaven can open these spiritual doors.
I am so thankful for your mercy, I am so thankful for your grace.
I thank for a second chance, you have given me a number to get back in the race.
See, you told me I am fearfully and wonderfully made, and I clearly understand
I was made with Love, in Spirit and Truth by and Divine Artist with Awesome Hands.
Yes, I am that Diamond that ended up in the lost and found that clearly was left behind
,And now I am here so you can restore this gem that belongs to you, to its rightful shine.
Sometimes I can not comprehend your reasoning, I struggle to understand,
Not only have you been patient with me, but every creation that walks your land.
Some people have no tolerance, not time to wait for others before they grow cold,
How awesome is your example, that you are patient with every living soul.
And people come to you in crisis, sickness and tribulations when life threatens to harm,
And you never criticize us, you don’t shut us out, you welcome us back with open arms.
Although I can not change my past, and the wrongful things that I may do.
I declare this now and today, to spend the rest of my life with you.
So who am I to lose my grips, lose patience with life,  when I can truly relate?
For you loved every creations of yours, that you are more than willing to wait.
People  don’t take time for their children,  no patience for their boss,
No patient for people who need help,  no patience for those that are lost.
Only with love can we conquer all things, so let the  healing begin,
As Christians we have to love one other, despite our faults and are sins.
Please remind me if I forget, to reflect in everything that I am going to do.
To follow your lead, imitate your works…. because “Patience” My Father is You!

By: Maya Angelou Drew     Date: April 2007