Hello.  This is Ms. Maya Angelou Drew!

Maya is an administrative assistant by day and a poetry writer by night. She was named after the world-renowned novelist, educator, and historian.  “Maya Angelou”.    She currently resides in Central New Jersey and writing is her passion!  She writes now for the sake of writing but is planning to publish her first book in 2013.  She loves to create new pieces and enjoys writing for others.  She is witty and creative in composing new pieces from other people’s perspectives using a broad imagination based off her own creation of ideas or customers’ relayed requests.   She can create a poem with ease once she receives some details regarding the topic of choice and make the words of the poem come to life.  She has written for special occasions, (i.e. wedding invitations, baby showers, home going services, milestone parties,  life changing events, and new business launches) and not to forget her favorite topic of choice…”For the sake of love”.   “True Romantic”.

She recently started her own blog “Maya’s Poetry on Purpose”.  Click Control and click to follow the link here to view: https://mayaspoetryonpurpose.wordpress.com.  She wrote for her monthly school newspaper in Piscataway Vocational and Technical High School.  She received a Certificate of Excellence for her Poem “A Youth’s Prayer” and was given an honorable mention in the Free Poetry Contest in 2009 accompanied with her poem published in the “Great Poems of the Western World” which is a “Grand Collection of America’s Greatest Contemporary Poets”.  She also won a poetry contest in March 2012 and received her first publication in I-Female Magazine in Vineland, NJ.   In sharing her writings she likes to encourage, inspire, speak from the heart and identify with others.  Her poems vary from a good laugh, motivational pieces, spiritual journeys with God, and just the everyday walk of being a woman.  Pure Life Expressions!   She can relate to a wide variety of people recognizing that we are all alike, we are all on a journey in life, and she receives pure joy sharing her work with the hope that you can find yourself in her words.  At the end of the day when you read the sleeve of her heart, her prayer is that it may make you smile and bless your life.